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Woodlawn Cemetery
1502 West Central Ave.
Toledo,  Ohio   43606

(419) 472-2186

Woodlawn Cemetery

$450.00 each

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  31  |  Lot 88 

Space  1 & 2

Tom Ridgley


Owner Needs Immediate Sale

Here are 2 plots in section 31 that could be yours at a drastically reduced price.  The current market value of these is set by the cemetery at $1095 each.

The owner of these plots is in an unpleasant situation and needs to sell them quick, so he has priced them at $450 each or buy both of them for $800.
Woodlawn Cemetery

$750.00 each

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  33  |  Lot 95

Space  5 & 6

Michael Smith


Water Access - Lots of Shade

Section 33 is a beautiful area of the park.  With plenty of matured trees for shade as well as maintained shrubs.

These 2 plots are situated close to water, so you will be able to bring fresh flowers when visiting.

Owner is eager to sell and offers these at a reduced price.  Buyer would need to pay the cemetery transfer fee involved.
Woodlawn Cemetery


Double Lawn Crypt + Vaults

Section:  LC47  |  Lot BC12

Space  Upper & Lower

Cornel Stewart


These plots are considered the "Cadillac" of plots.  They are up on a hill in the back of the cemetery.  They are easy to located because of the staircase leading to them.

These lawn crypts come with the vaults and opening and closing of the graves.

Owner is eager to sell
Woodlawn Cemetery

$1000.00 both

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  29  |  Lot 507B 

Space  1 & 2

Mrs. Sharon Roan


Section 29 has plenty of matured trees and shrubs making this area desireable.  These two (2) spaces are side-by-side and priced way below current value.

Owner(s) have made alternative arrangements and is willing to sell these to you for one price for both at $1000.

If you are interested in owning property in Historic Woodlawn Cemetery at a great price, contact 419-841-6073
Woodlawn Cemetery


1 Standard Burial Plot

Section:  37  |  Lot 74B 

Space  Single

Nancy McClure


Maybe you just need one space.  Here is a very nice plot in a beautiful area with mature landscaping for a reduced price.

This plot would cost much more if bought through the cemetery.
Woodlawn Cemetery


Double Lawn Crypt + Vaults

Section:  LC47  |  Lot D2 

Space  Upper & Lower

Mrs. Sherwood


Owners of this premier property has made alternative arrangements and wishes to sell them at a reduced price.

These lawn crypts are all inclusive having the vaults and marker included in this deal.  All that is left to do with these is to have the marker engraved. These crypts are situated over the bridge in the back.  Besides being in the back privately, they are on a hill with a staircase.  This is perfect for visitors to be able to find.

Call the Sherwood's to negotiate a deal for your final prestigious resting place at Woodlawn Cemetery.
Woodlawn Cemetery


2 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  33  |  Lot 166

Space  7 & 8

David Denman


Here is your opportunity to expand a family area or get into a beautiful area of the cemetery that isn't available anymore, because it is sold out. 

Situated among many tall shade trees and matured shrubs, you will find access to water for lawncare or vases of flowers so there is no need to carry water to visit.

Woodlawn Cemetery


Double Lawn Crypt + Vaults + Marker

Section:  LC47  |  Lot BB-80 

Space  Upper & Lower

Linda Lascola



Here is an opportunity to get into a section that is not available anymore, due to being sold out. This double lawn crypt is ready to go with the vaults and a marker in place, all that is needed is for you to have your name and dates engraved.

These lawn crypts are priced to sell right away and will not be on the market long, so contact Linda to secure your awesome final resting place.
Woodlawn Cemetery


3 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  37  |  Lot 311-A

Space  1-2 & 4

Mike Maran



Section 37 is a beautiful section of the park with many shrubs and matured trees.  It is in the far West side that runs along Jackman Road, providing privacy for visitors. 

These 3 plots are unique because they include a space for cremation ashes or a space for an infant.

Owner is willing to negotiate.
Woodlawn Cemetery
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$900.00 (Each)

5 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  1  |  Lot 44

Spaces  2-3-4-5-6

Judith Traynum



Just inside the main entrance, you will find these spaces situated under a matured pine tree.  These would be perfect for those with a hard time with directions, they are very easy to find.

This section has been sold out for many years.  The owner of these spaces lives out of state and no longer wishes to use them.  This is a great opportunity and surely will not last long because of such a great price and very desirable location.

Woodlawn Cemetery

$700.00 (Each)

3 Standard Burial Plots

Section:  36

Spaces   Lot 76 #3 & 4  |  Lot 73 #4

Ronald Reitz



Three (3) adjoining plots in the back of the park. These L-shaped plots are in a peaceful setting with matured landscape and an abundance of wildlife. Woodlawn has currently valued these at $1100 each. Owner has them listed saving you money.

Don't let a deal like this get away!

Call today to secure your interest.

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