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How Can I Sell My Plots

There are options available to sell cemetery properties such as; newspaper (expensive), word of mouth, and social media.  A proven method is to list them at Toledo Plots where people wanting to buy are looking online.  Toledo Plots will help you place a listing by calling, email, or click the place listing tab at the top of the page.

How Do I Determine A Sale Price

It's your property, you own it and can sell it for what you want.  The price should be below current market value to sway a buyer to buy from you instead of the cemetery.  If you have the price set too high, they will not sell.  Remember there is a documentation or deed transfer fee, payable to the cemetery,  at the end of the sale.

What If I Get An Offer

If you receive an offer, if it is reasonable, you should take it!  When people are looking for cemetery plots they usually have a reason and are ready to buy.  If you are not going to use these properties, the deed will do you no good in a drawer.

Listing My Plots For Sale

When listing your plots for sale be sure to give as much information about the location and amenities as you can.  The location may include a section, a lot, and space numbers.  Be sure to include information such as vaults, markers, and opening and closing of the graves.  Information is helpful for buyers to determine if the property is suited for them, as well as the price you are asking.

How Do I Get Paid

You should receive payment the day of your scheduled deed transfer at the cemetery.  This payment can be cash, bank check or automated bank funds transfer.  Do not sign anything until the cash is available to you and that everything with the sale is legitimate. Never meet anyone at the cemetery alone, always use the cemetery office during business hours.  And never accept a check for more than the amount agreed upon, this is a sure sign that something is wrong.  If something doesn't seem right contact Toledo Plots or the cemetery.

Are Sales Legally Documented

All cemetery properties are deeded and recorded.  In the event of a sale you will need to have your deed of ownership.  That deed will be taken by the representative of the cemetery and a new re-written deed will be composed with the new owners information and the new deed will be recorded at the cemetery.

What If I Live Out-Of-State

If you, the seller, live out of the State and wish to sell your property, you would contact the prospective cemetery in which the property exists.  The cemetery will draw up the necessary paperwork and mail or email copies to you, the owner.  Once the owner receives the paperwork, you would take it to your attorney (not required) and/or sign it and have it notarized by a notary.  Then you can send it back to the representative at the cemetery for them to complete the deed transfer.

Deed Transfers

Deed transfers do cost money.  The amount varies from cemetery to cemetery, but a general idea is $75 - $300.  It is unclear, because there are no set rules as to who pays.  The cemetery charges this fee for time spent preparing a new deed and recording it.  The cost of the deed transfer should be determined with the initial discussion of sale price between the buyer and seller.

What Identification Do I Need

In the event of a sale, you will need to provide a copy of the deed for the cemetery property as well as copies of any legal documentation you have proving rights to the property.  You may also be asked to provide a copy of a picture identification.  This is a legal document and is recorded, so proof of identity is important.

Funeral Checklist

Shop around for a funeral director
Arrange a meeting with a funeral director
Choose a location for service, church, clergy
Determine a date and time for service
Choose the type of service: traditional, military
Choose a casket or cremation urn
Choose a burial container, mausoleum, or crypt
Choose flowers
Choose music
Choose funeral car arrangements
Decide on clothing for the deceased
Choose pallbearers

Funerals on a Budget

Don't purchase goods or services that you do not want
Create a free online obituary
Plan a green burial or choose cremation instead
Simplify floral arrangements, share costs with relatives
Candles can be used instead of flowers
Use a public place for service instead of funeral home
Those with carpentry skills can make casket
Dress the decease in own clothing instead of buying new
Skip the catering or ask relatives to help cater food
Limit the viewing time, maybe 1 day instead of 3 days
Check on dicounted limosene rates
Check embalming laws
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