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Toledo Plots has expanded into all areas of Toledo. If you are looking to save money on your final expenses and want to be outside the Toledo area, this is the place to check out.  We list all private owners wanting to sell their plots they do not intend to use, thus benefitting those looking for hard to find spaces at discounted prices.

Highland Memorial Gardens

$4500.00  (negotiable)

Double Family Companion Crypt

Section: Chapel Of Memories - 124D

Space  1-2           Level: 7

David Slaughter

Family Companion Crypt - Two person crypt located in the Chapel of Memories.  These are on the seventh level (top), outside.

These crypts were purchased 30 years ago and are now valued at over $6500.  Owner has made alternative arrangements and wants to sell them at a discount.

Claim these hard to find crypts for yourself by contacting David to negotiate a deal.
Highland Memorial Gardens

$1500.00  (All 4 Spaces) (+Transfer fee)

4 Standard Burial Plots

Section: Garden of Last Supper

Lot:103 A & B  Spaces: 1A-2A-B1-B2

Susan Montgomery

Great Price!

These plots are priced to sell quickly. You can purchase all 4 plots for this one low price that is approximately the price you would pay for just 1 plot.

These 4 spaces, are all together in a beautiful area of the park, would make a nice family plot area.

Owner lives out of State and is eager to sell. Contact Susan and together we can make arrangements with the park office to get the deeds recorded in your name.

Maplewood Cemetery

$1750.00  (both)

2 X Standard Burial Sites

Section: 7 - Lot 45

Space  5 & 6

Tom Gergich

Available Plots

This cemetery is sold out. However, these 2 side-by-side plots are available now!

If interested, must take both at the reduced price of $1750, will not separate.

Ravine Cemetery

$500.00  (Each)

2 Standard Burial Plots

Section: Square 3

Lot:316     Spaces: 3 & 4

Ralph Jankowski

Private in Sylvania

This cemetery is quite a canvas! The Sylvania Tree Commission is actively working to restore the natural landscape in the ravine at Ravine Cemetery.

Ravine Cemetery is located on Ravine Road between Harroun Road and Main Street. This is where you will find these 2 private spaces.

Owner has made alternate arrangements and no longer needs them. This is your chance to get into this awesome place.
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