Woodlawn Cemetery
$2000 obo
Double Lawn Crypt
LC-47 | BC-12
Cornel Stewart                     419-367-0577
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1502 West Central Ave.
Toledo,  Ohio   43606

(419) 472-2186
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These plots are considered the "Cadillac" of plots.  They are up on a hill in the back of the cemetery.  They are easy to located because of the staircase leading to them.

These lawn crypts come with the vaults and opening and closing of the graves.

Owner is eager to sell, and would also like to offer a beautiful home in the Copeland Park
area for sale.  The home is a 3 bedroom situated on a quiet street.  He also has 3 vehicles
for sale, one of them is an antique Mercedes.  Please call to inquire about sales.
Woodlawn Cemetery
Double Lawn Crypt
This private section in the back is the perfect location for visitors.  There is a staircase that leads to the well maintained area which is an area that is well defined, ensuring that guests will be able to identify when visiting.

The owner of this property has moved out of state and wishes to sell them, giving you an opportunity to enjoy them.
Section 47-Lot BB-53
Upper & Lower
Virginia Born                      (419) 481-6504
Woodlawn Cemetery
Standard Burial
This package is complete!  There is no need to pay for any addional services with this one.  You get both side by side spaces, the vaults, the marker, and the opening and closing of the grave.

Located in the back, where there is plenty of parking as well as shade from matured trees allowing for a peaceful setting.

This is priced to sell fast and won't last long, call today!
Section 35 | Lot 248-D
Virginia Foetisch                  (734) 856-6107
3 & 4
Owner Has Thought of Everything
Woodlawn Cemetery
Double Lawn Crypt
There is a staircase that leads to the well maintained area which is a private area that is well defined, ensuring that guests will be able to identify when visiting.  These are the Cadillac of cemetery properties and are priced to sell quick!

The owner of this property has made alternate arrangements and wishes to sell them, giving you an opportunity to enjoy them.
Section 47-Lot 28A
Upper & Lower
Thomas Behrendsen        (419) 266-3881

Prime Location With Vaults Included
Price Reduced To $1200
Upper & Lower
Thinking about selling your cemetery plots? Do you want someone to help you sell? Would you like the kind of services you thought you could only get from a Cemetery Broker or Real Estate Agent? Let Toledo Plots go to work for you today. There are hundreds of potential buyers in the Toledo Ohio area. Let us add your Cemetery property listing, so that millions can see it on the internet. Now is the time to start listing this property for $49.99. Do not have a computer, you can call us at (419) 557-2011 and place your ad over the phone.
Woodlawn Cemetery
Single Lawn Crypt
Sometimes there is a need for only (1) one.  Here is a property that is well maintained and has it's own private ssection up on a hill with a staircase leading to it.

The owner of this property has had it tucked away for 30 years and has decided to make alternate arrangements.  This is now available to purchase at a reduced price.
Section 47E-Lot 84A
Brenda McNeil                  (567) 202-0769
Single Lawn Crypt
Vault Included
Woodlawn Cemetery
Complete Double Lawn Crypt
These are up on a hill in the back where a staircase leads to these desireable plots.
Woodlawn Cemetery sells these at todays' price of $3600.00 because of the cost of the vaults included.

You can purchase them from this private owner for $1500 both, that is a savings of $2100 on the pair.

Contact Kathleen to make these yours!
Section 47B-Lot 16-D
Upper & Lower
Kathleen Poland           (419) 480-0047
Double Lawn Crypt
Vaults Included
Woodlawn Cemetery
Single Burial Plot
Maybe you just need one space.  Here is a very nice plot in a beautiful area with mature landscaping for a reduced price.

This plot would cost much more if bought through the cemetery.
Section 37-Lot 74B
Nancy McClure                  (419) 475-0007
Woodlawn Cemetery
$1000.00 Both
(2) Standard Burial Plots
Section 29-Lot 507-B
Section 29 has plenty of matured trees and shrubs making this area desireable.  These two (2) spaces are side-by-side and priced way below current value.

Owner(s) have made alternative arrangements and is willing to sell these to you for one price for both at $1000.

If you are interested in owning property in Historic Woodlawn Cemetery at a great price, contact 419-841-6073
   1 & 2
Mrs. Sharon Roan           (419) 841-6073
Both Crypts For $1500
Price Reduced To Sell Quickly
Woodlawn Cemetery
$450.00 each
(2) Standard Burial Plots
Section 31-Lot 88
   1 & 2
Tom Ridgley           (641) 919-8816
Here are 2 plots in section 31 that could be yours at a drastically reduced price.  The current market value of these is set by the cemetery at $1095 each.

The owner of these plots is in an unpleasant situation and needs to sell them quick, so he has priced them at $450 each or buy both of them for $800.

All that is needed is to contact Tom and get them into your name through a deed transfer at Woodlawn cemetery and you are good to go.
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