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Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
4210 W. Central Avenue
Ottawa Hills,  Ohio  43606

(419) 536-8321
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Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$1000.00 each +fee
(2) Standard Burial Plots
C | Lot 508
3 & 4
Jackie Christy                    (419) 875-2018
Just inside the east side of park from the Central Avenue entrance are these two (2) side-by-side plots.  Family no longer needs these and would like to sell them.

Please contact Jackie 419-875-2018
(2) Mausoleum Spaces
Garden Building
(2) Top Level
Dale R. Perne'                (734) 395-2206

This is a double DEEP and is on the top floor, 8th floor. This is the second building back from Talmadge and the unit faces Talmadge.
These are selling for $4,200 and UP. A GREAT ITEM TO HAVE AS AN INVESTMENT OR TO FLIP.

We are firm on the $2,000.00 (using credit card) BUT will entertain a OBO, as we can use the money now that we are on a fixed income. We can help with the closing costs up to $100.00 but only on the sale price of $2,000.00 NOT using a credit card. Looking for immediate sale.
Beautiful plot in The Garden of Gospels!
Close to where all the gospels are gathered.

Beautiful shaded location in The Garden Of Gospels away from road of East Lawn Drive near center statue.
(1) Standard Burial Plot
Garden of Gospels-232-A
Joellen Carpenter             (567) 215-7888
In The Garden Of Gospels
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$3750.00 (3)
(3) Standard Burial Plots
Garden of Peace
72B - 1,2,&3
Jude Aubry           (419) 242-1400 Ext 245
With plenty of matured landscape this property is quiet and tucked away on the east side of the park.  These 3 plots are now available at a reduced price of $1250 each.

Owner is eager and willing to negotiate to make these beautiful plots yours.

Contact Jude 419-242-1400 (ext 245)
Just Inside The Park
You will find these four (4) all together plots just inside the park from the Talmadge Road entrance.

Owner lives out of State and has made alternative arrangements and would like someone else to have the opportunity to own these hard to find plots.

Contact Mike or Shelley at 505-286-2400
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$1250.00 (each)
(4) Standard Burial Plots
Section JJ         Lot# 131
1, 2, 3 & 4
Shelley Williams           (505) 286-2400
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
(2) Mausoleum Spaces
Garden Building #2
Crypts 54-D
Kathy Sigg                     (330) 460-6234
These are the "Cadillac" of properties at the park.  They are desireable because there are 2 hed-to-head crypts together at level 5.

Everything has been thought of already, even the opening & closing cost are included with these.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$850.00 each
(3) Standard Lawn Crypts
206-1 & 207-1,2
Garden of Memories
Kathleen Meyers             (360) 981-0299
Peaceful & Secluded
These three (3) lawn crypts are together in a very beautiful, peaceful and secluded area of the park.  With matured trees all around for shade, this property is on the market at a reduced price.

Owner lives out of state and wishes to sell them, and is willing to seperate them.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$3900.00 complete
(2) Stacking Lawn Crypts
Garden of Memories
Alissa Cser                    (419) 509-4379
Here is a double depth lawn crypt that has the vaults included.  The first person to pass goes on the bottom and the lid is placed. The second person to pass goes on top of the previous burial, then the lid is placed for this space.
(419) 557-2011
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$350.00 each
(2) Standard Burial Plots
Section Q         Lot# 256
Sally Smith                    (419) 885-4888
Just inside Talmadge Road entrance making it easy for visitors.

Call Sally for additional details
1 & 2
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