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4210 W. Central Avenue
Ottawa Hills,  Ohio  43606

(419) 536-8321
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(4) Standard Burial Plots
QQ | Lot 81
Scot Ulmer                       (419) 290-4566
These burial plots are currently valued at $2295 each by Ottawa Hill Memorial Park which totals $9180.00.  They are priced to sell at $1200 each or all four (4) at $4000.00.  That is 57 % off the current market value.

These plots could be used as an immediate needs situation

If you are faced with a hard economic situation, you could present owner with a possible trade.  A trade of equal value would be accepted with proper paperwork furnished.  Contact Scot to negotiate a sale...(419) 290-4566
$1200.00  O.B.O
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
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Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
(1) Standard Burial Plot
Q | Lot 230
Pamela Clark                  (419) 603-9609
Beautiful area with matured trees.  Close to the Talmadge Road entrance which makes this easy to find when visiting.

Owner is relocating and just wants them gone!

Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$4000.00  O.B.O
(2) Standard Burial Plots
Kay Grayson
Garden of Good Shepard
Lot 71-A | 1 & 2
805-512-0778        or        805-644-4727
These two (2) beautiful spaces are hard to find now-a-days because of their location.  Not only are they reduced in price, the owner is willing to pay transfer fees.

Call Kay today!
Located in The  Garden Of Good Shepard
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$2500.00  Both
(2) Lawn Crypts With Vaults
Garden of Memories
408  A & B
Roger Reese                       (419) 262-1923
Situated in the North-East corner these two lawn crypts are sure to give privacy for visitors.  This peaceful setting allows guest to enjoy the wildlife.

Owner of these has a marker in place which will be removed so that you can place your own at time of deed signing.

This is a tremendous savings for persons interested, will be sold to first bidder so better contact quick.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$1500.00  Each
(6) Standard Burial Plots
E | Lots 182-185-124
See Below
Bill Holman                       (567) 395-5017
Start your own family section with these 6 plots.  Located in section E, just inside the park from Central Avenue.  Anyone looking for burial plots knows that these list for $2195 each in todays' market, these are priced at $1500 each by a private owner.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$1000.00  Each
(4) Standard Burial Plots
Garden of Gethsemane
Lot 72-C/1-2-3-4
Ronald Gerwin                  (908) 874-6077

Owner purchased in 1956 and wants to pass the savings on to you.  It is hard to find spaces in this location today because they are all gone.  Maybe you want to extend your spaces in this section or want to start your own, here is your chance.

Call Ronald to negotiate a deal
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
(1) Standard Burial Plot With 2nd Right
Garden of Good Shepard
Lot 82-D / #2
Melissa Stanek                  (419) 480-9108
What Is A 2nd Right
Maybe there is a different preference of burial between family members.  This space allows for the different options with a 2nd right option.

One person could be buried and the other cremated, while both can be together with this property.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
(1) Standard Burial Plot
W | Lot 23
Jerilyn Mapes                    (937) 901-0340
This one is just inside off Central Avenue and close to the office for safety.  It is a lovely location situated under beautiful matured trees.
(3) Standard Burial Plots
Garden of Good Sheperd
William Orwig                  (734) 856-4451
It is hard to find 3 burial plots together.  Here are 3 side by side plots peacefully located in Garden of Good Shepherd.

These plot have a current market value of $2495 each, and are priced to sell at only $1250 each. That is 50% off

This property could be purchased for an immediate need situation.  Call William to discuss at  (734) 856-4451
$1250.00  each
Owner Is Eager To Sell
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
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