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285C | 1-2-3-4
$800 Each
(4) Standard Burial Plots
Robert Barker                 (419) 862-3877
Garden of Gethsemane
4210 W. Central Avenue
Ottawa Hills,  Ohio  43606

(419) 536-8321
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Here are 4 (all together) premium spaces in a quiet North East section of the park.

These are located just off the road giving easy access to visitors.  There is water available from a source close to these plots for your convenience.

The current market value of these plots is approximately $2500 each.Owner has made alternate arrangements and wishes to give someone else the opportunity to own premium plots in a prestigous park at a bargain price of $800 or all 4 of them for $3000.

Owner is also willing to provide an immediate needs situation with proper documents signed.
4 Plots All Together
Toledo Plots
The Right Place For The Right Price
(419) 557-2011
(4) Standard Burial Plots
QQ | Lot 81
Scot Ulmer                       (419) 290-4566
These burial plots are currently valued at $2295 each by Ottawa Hill Memorial Park which totals $9180.00.  They are priced to sell at $1200 each or all four (4) at $4000.00.  That is 57 % off the current market value.

These plots could be used as an immediate needs situation

If you are faced with a hard economic situation, you could present owner with a possible trade.  A trade of equal value would be accepted with proper paperwork furnished.  Contact Scot to negotiate a sale...(419) 290-4566
$1200.00  O.B.O

Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
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(4) Standard Burial Plots
Garden of Faith
Four (4) cemetery plots at Ottawa Hills Memorial Park located in the Garden Of Faith Section C-21.

Willing to sell in sets of two (2) for $850 each or all four (4) together for $3200.

Buyer to pay the deed transfer fee of approximately $100-200 per lot at the time of purchase.

Please contact Kim at 419-704-6165.
Kim K.                             (419) 704-6165
$850 (Each)
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$950 (Each)
(4) Standard Burial Plots
Garden of Gethsemane
27-D |  1-4
Kara Jennings                 (734) 717-9474
Peaceful Location With A Bench
Enjoy the peaceful setting while sitting on a bench overlooking the Garden of Gethsemane.
This serence atmosphere also has easy access.

Owner is selling these four (4) properties at a reduced price of $950+ tranfer fees for each.
The current market value of these properties is $8780, but you can purchase them all for $3800.

You will save $4980.00 by buying these directly from this private owner.
(42) Standard Burial Plots
All 42 in BB
Fourty Two (42) cemetery plots at Ottawa Hills Memorial Park located in section BB.  This section is desired because it is located in the front part off Central Ave.
See Below
Kathryn Battles                (419) 668-0272
$1200 (Each)
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
Lot  69  =  4 Plots
Lot  75  =  4 Plots
Lot  76  =  4 Plots
Lot  84  =  4 Plots
Lot  85  =  2 Plots
Lot 105 =  4 Plots
Lot 107 =  4 Plots
Lot 108 =  4 Plots
Lot 109 =  4 Plots
Lot 167 =  4 Plots
Lot 168 =  4 Plots
Here is a good way to start your own family section or add to an already established section.  Owner is willing to reduce price for multiple plot purchases.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$600 (Each)
(4) Standard Burial Plots
Garden of Meditation
549-D |  1-4
Richard Hady                (419) 304-6967
Each Is $1595 Off
Current Market Value
Here are four (4) plots all together in the peaceful setting of Garden of Meditation.

The Garden of Meditation is in the east side of the park and is sought after by many people for it's scenery and wildlife. 

These are perfect for anyone that wants to be in a desired area.  The current market value of these plots is $2195 (each) and the owner is eager to sell them at $600 (each).
That is a temendous savings just for buying from a private owner.

Call to secure a deal, these won't last long!
(116) Standard Burial Plots
Garden of Devotation-H
Contact Toledo Plots at  (419) 557-2011
Just imagine being able to place all of your family in one final resting place together.  Well here is a chance to own 1-116 plots in one of the most desirable cemeteries in Toledo.  The setting in Garden of Devotion is well landscaped and mature.

Take a ride there to see for yourself, representatives from Ottawa Hills Memorial Park will guide you to this beautiful section.

Also, keep in mind that these plots are selling for $2295.00 each in todays' current market.  This is a smart decision with a money savings to you of 70% off retail.
$750.00 each
Owner Has Many Spaces To Choose From...
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
(2) Standard Burial Plots
Section-U   Lot #60
Alicia Truman                    (843) 667-0695
1 & 2
Here are 2 side-by-side spaces that were bought in the 1990's, and are being sold together for one low price!

These plots are available immediately!

These spaces are easily found because of their location... Coming into the park from Central Avenue, turn left on the first pathway.  Section U is the fourth section on the left side of the road, right behind the office.  Because of their convenient location, these are very desireable and the great price these will not last long.

Call Alicia 843-667-0695 to make them yours before someone else does.
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$500.00 each
(4) Standard Burial Plots
Section-M   Lot #6
Stephen Kaufman             (419) 553-0623
At $500 each makes these 4 plots an incredible deal.  The current market price of these is $2195 each, that is a savings of at least $1695 each.

These 4 plots are in a very desirable section.  Coming into the park from Talmadge Road, turn left on the first path and go past the mausoleums and it is the first section on the left in the back. Being in the back of the park adds to the privacy.

Owner of these properties is willing to devide them if necessary.  However would be willing to negotiate if buying all four spaces.
(3) Standard Burial Plots
Garden of Good Sheperd
William Orwig                  (734) 856-4451
It is hard to find 3 burial plots together.  Here are 3 side by side plots peacefully located in Garden of Good Shepherd.

These plot have a current market value of $2495 each, and are priced to sell at only $1250 each. That is 50% off

This property could be purchased for an immediate need situation.  Call William to discuss at  (734) 856-4451
$1250.00  each
Owner Is Eager To Sell
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
$4300.00  Both
(2) Lawn Crypts With Vaults
Rose Lane
Rows A & B
Bonnie Smith                  (734) 854-1446
Vaults Included
Here are 2 lawn crypts situated in the center of the park ready to go!  Owner has already purchased the vaults making this even a better deal.  Call Bonnie to discuss details and maybe negotiate a deal 734-854-1446
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