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Map of Mt Carmel Cemetery
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
$850 each space
(2) Standard Burial Plots
Owner has made other arrangements for burial and would like to sell these plots to a family that wants to use them, or to a family that needs them.

Owner has reduced the price from the current market value of $1200-1800 to a reasonable $850.  These spaces could be sold individually and could be used for an immediate needs situation.  Owner is willing to give burial rights permission to buyer immediately if necessary.
Mt. Carmel Cemetery

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Do you have property at Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Toledo
Mt. Carmel Cemetery

We at Toledo Plots concentrate on the Toledo Ohio area.  For that reason, there is no confusion about the rules and laws, or prices in the Toledo Ohio area. 

The Toledo Ohio area has very beautiful final resting places available.  Some of these cemetery plots have been hidden away in a drawer or safe deposit box for years.  They are back on the market for sale at cheap prices that have not been available for several years.

Whether you are in the market for cemetery plots, vaults, crypts or mausoleums, Toledo Plots has an entire data base separated by area cemeteries.
General information

Buyers Should...
When buying a cemetery plot you should make sure that it feels right to you.  Find the section and space, take family, and spend time there. 
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