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It has been brought to our attention that someone has been contacting sellers and wanting to send them a check for more than the asking price of their cemetery plots.  Then they want you to send the additional funds to funeral directors, doctors, lawyers or other persons.  These scammers can come up with some pretty outlandish stories and try almost anything to get your money (See examples below).  A legitimate buyer is not going to give you any stories or expect you to help them in any way, they just want to purchase your plots.  A legitimate buyer will meet with you at a public place, such as the cemetery to go over details of the sale (never meet anyone alone) and sign the proper paperwork.  A legitimate buyer will call you at some point in the transaction to discuss details.  Most of the time a buyer is from the area and will speak English.

Nobody is ever going to send you extra money.  It is not your responsiblity to help anyone make payments to anyone, especially funeral directors, doctors or cemeteries.  Remember you are selling which requires you to receive money, not send it...

Never send money or give out personal information.

If you find yourself in a situation that you do not understand or perhaps something doesn't seem right to you, contact Toledo Plots at 419-557-2011 or the Toledo Police Department at 419-245-3340
A good indication that you are receiving
an email from a scam artist is:
These scammers have used multiple names and emails, be careful
Toledo Plots is no different than any other online selling platform.  Crooks are always looking for ways to SCAM.

With this scam, the scammer wants to send you a certied check which you deposit into your bank.  Then the scammer wants you to send the difference of price to them right away using various excuses.  The check will bounce at your bank and you have sent your check to them already.  You will be on the hook for the check bouncing and the money that you sent to them (Usually to a PO Box) or a vacant property or a mail service.

However, Toledo Plots monitors it's advertisements to make sure that requests are actually coming from actual buyers when possible.  We ask sellers to contact us when approached by a buyer so that we can use our data base of information to determine whether it is legitimate.

We have involved the police department regarding this issue.  There has been every effort to protect the clients of Toledo Plots.

As a last ditch effort, we are posting actual email correspondences from the scammer.  Be careful, they change their name and email often so as not to be detected.  However, we along with detectives are aware of their scam and will use resources to prosecute them.

In the meantime, do not send any money or personal information to anyone.

(419) 557-2011
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